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HelpDesk for Webflow
HelpDesk for Webflow
Turn Webflow website visitors into loyal customers with tailored messages and support in HelpDesk.
Developed by Text
Works with   HelpDesk

Integrate Webflow with the HelpDesk ticketing system to augment your customer service. By creating custom contact forms on your Webflow site, you can automatically generate support tickets from the information submitted by your customers. This streamlines how you manage and resolve customer requests, effectively adding a new communication channel. Design these forms to capture all the necessary details needed for HelpDesk tickets, ensuring seamless integration.

Key Features

Automated ticket creation.
Automatically create a ticket in HelpDesk when a recipient submits a contact form on Webflow. This includes all the information they entered, ensuring nothing is lost and reducing the need for manual data entry.
Unified communication channel.
Keep all messaging in one place with HelpDesk. No matter how people reach out to you, all interactions are tracked and managed centrally.
Customizable contact forms.
Use Webflow's tools to make contact forms that meet your exact needs. You can add custom fields that collect specific information for your support team. These details are automatically included in HelpDesk tickets, ensuring all necessary information is captured.
Streamlined workflows.
Data can be transferred directly from Webflow to HelpDesk, eliminating manual data entry, reducing errors, and saving time. Workflow automation can also trigger specific actions based on the information received, like sending tickets to the right team or fast-tracking urgent issues.


Enhanced experience.
Improve satisfaction by quickly handling and solving tickets. Such an automated data transfer ensures customer information is correctly recorded in HelpDesk.
Improved productivity.
Reduce time spent on administrative tasks and focus more on solving the most complex customer issues. Streamline processes and minimize your team's delays.
As your business grows, you can expand the integration to manage more traffic from Webflow forms without increasing complexity. You can easily modify contact form fields as needed without disrupting HelpDesk's backend processes.
Better data management.
Keep all data in one place to improve the management and analysis of customer interactions. Detailed data helps you make better support strategy decisions and more accurately spot trends or issues.
Enhanced collaboration.
Collect all relevant customer data in one ticket to help various departments work together to resolve issues. This improves internal communication by sharing more context and information.

App Privacy

The developer Text indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of user data. You can learn more in the app’s Privacy Policy. App installation indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions set by Text, Inc. Marketplace.

Tutorial & Support

How to use this app

To get help and support contact Text. You can also suggest improvements or request new features in the upcoming versions of HelpDesk for Webflow.

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