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Jira for HelpDesk
Jira for HelpDesk
Create and Automate Jira Issues Directly in HelpDesk.
$6.99 / mo, per agent
Developed by Darka Software
Works with   HelpDesk

Blurring the lines between Jira and HelpDesk.

Configure Jira issue fields and populate them automatically with values from the HelpDesk Tickets or our new AI helper.

Key Features

Tracking Logs

Log aggregation is extremely important for any issue escalation, this is why every issue creation action - manual or automatic, is recorded in the log section.
Bots - even more automation! (Coming Soon)

Automatically create objects in Salesforce with automation bots and filter returning and new customers. Webhooks will be automatically created, registered, enabled and removed whenever needed.
AI generated ticket summary

Populate the issue description (or other field) with the automatically generated ticket summery powered with AI. Avoid long transcripts and speed up your flow!

Map any HelpDesk values to Jira fields

Send transcripts, requester details, ticket summary or custom values directly to Jira. Every Jira field (including custom ones) can be pre-set with dynamic or static values and can be mapped to any HelpDesk parameter available.


Outstanding support
Processing data between different platforms can be challenging, but we are there for you! Let us know how we can make this integration better fit your needs.
Save time with Automations and AI
Why waste time on repeatable tasks if we can automate them? This application has "waste-as-little-time-as-possible" philosophy engraved in it's core.

Tutorial & Support

App tutorial and setup instructions how to use and properly configure this app with your HelpDesk account.
To get help and support contact Darka Software. You can also suggest improvements or request new features in the upcoming versions of Jira for HelpDesk.
The developer Darka Software indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of user data. You can learn more in the app’s Privacy Policy.
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